Has just completed my first wordpress upgrade and it went mostly smoothly.

The only real obstacle was using the WP-phpMyAdmin plugin to do a database backup, this has been failing to load ever since it worked the first few times doing backups of http://www.oekonomi.no/ and http://oekonomi.no/ordliste/. Since there is not much content at this site* I took my chances just doing an export of the content before upgrading. The upgrade seems ok and now there is an automatic upgrade option, which is probably a good idea. I’m guessing quite a few people have found themselves deleting the wrong folders using ftp to replace old files, as well as losing their settings in wp-config.php.

(*) It never was meant to, neither, this is more of a playground and test-site.

As for new features and improvements I’m not sure yet. Just browsing through the wp-admin I don’t see many changes apart from a whole new layout and some minor additions. Under the hood is another chapter, one I’m not qualified to decipher :)

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