Surname, First name: Reigstad, Erlend
Address: Vitaminveien 2, N-0485 Oslo
Telephone (Mobile): +47 924 42 007
Nationality: Norwegian
Date of Birth: 11.02.1982
Gender: Male


Updated 28/12-2011.

Education »

Autumn 2005 – Spring 2007
Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration at The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH). Major in Economics with courses in macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic geography, and econometrics. Master thesis: “Special Economic Zones: Policy Review and Implications for India” including a funded stay at NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies in Copenhagen

Summer 2007
Summer school at the Nordic Centre at Fudan University, Shanghai, China. Topics in Chinese politics and economy.

Autumn 2006
Student exchange at the Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad, India. The institute is consistently ranked as the best business school in India and among the very best in Asia-Pacific, as well as the most difficult business school worldwide to get admittance to (depending on the unit of measurement). My courses were MBA-courses in the fields of law, communication, finance, etc.

Autumn 2002 – Spring 2005
The initial three years of “Siviløkonomstudiet” at NHH. This is equivalent to a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration-degree. The education consists of courses in the fields of economics, finance, accounting, behavioural science and calculus/statistics/computer science. Elective courses: Professional English and courses in economic geography. This Wikipedia-article gives a short summary about NHH.

Autumn 2001 – Spring 2002
Law studies at the The Faculty of Law, The University of Bergen. This included such topics as public administrative law, contract law, legal theory, constitutional law, international law, law of succession and family law.

Autumn 1998 – Spring 2001
U.Pihl upper secondary school, specialising in sports. Elective courses (equivalent to the British A-levels) in calculus/statistics and chemistry.


Work Experience (selected positions) »

February 2010 –  (ongoing)
Senior consultant at Metier, Oslo, Norway. Specialising in quality assurance (KS1 & KS2) of governmental projects.

List of projects in Norwegian:
– IKT-systemer for politiet (FIN/JD)
– IKT-systemer for Toll- og avgiftsetaten (FIN)
– Gravplasskapasitet Oslo syd (Oslo kommune)
– Større forsvarsinvestering (FIN/FD)
– Modernisering av IKT i NAV (FIN/AD)
– Ljabrubakken omsorgshjem (Oslo kommune)
– Utbygging/ombygging Ris ungdomsskole (Oslo kommune)
– E16 Smedalsosen – Borlaug (FIN/SD)
Andre analyser/oppdrag:
– Prosjektgjennomgang av Bybanen i Bergen (Mesta entreprenør)
– Usikkerhetsanalyse/rådgivning (Telenor)
– Markedsanalyse Follobanen (Jernbaneverket)
– Workshop om mulighetsrom for ny personidentifikator (Skattedirektoratet)
– Bistand i samfunnsøkonomisk analyse (Senter for statlig økonomistyring)
– Intern kvalitetssikring/prosjektstøtte (Statnett)
– Analyse av effekt av innføring av PSU-avtaler i landets symfoniorkestre og den norske opera og ballett (Kulturdepartementet)
– Analyse av gevinstrealisering i Altinn II (Brønnøysundregistrene)

August 2007 –  January 2010
Analyst, management consulting, at Accenture, Oslo, Norway. Aligned to Finance and Performance Management service line, part of Management Consulting and Integrated Markets growth platform. Various activities such as internal presentations (work at Accenture for new hires, shared services).

August 2007 –  January 2010
Project “NAV Pensjonsprogrammet“. My part of this project mainly concerned establishing a new business unit as shared services on the finance area of pensions. This unit now provides payments of 10 000 000 000+ NOK monthly as well as handling most other pensions-related finance. Activities included documenting and designing work activities, making requirements for systems support, training and teaching the 50+ employees, on-site assistance at the first few months of the start-up, leading a section of the new unit, co-ordination with tax authorities, et cetera.

February 2006 – August 2006
Research assistant at the Department of Economics, NHH. Working on an econometric project doing analysis of differences in wages, education, neighbourhood influences and other variables between three cohorts of Norwegians. My responsibilities involved gathering of data and participating in project design.

January 2006 – April 2006
Scientific Assistant at the Department of Economics, NHH. Teaching groups of approximately 70 undergraduate students in microeconomics, six times a week in selected weeks.

August 2005 – October 2005
Tutor in the course computer science course, MET030, at the Department of Strategy and Management, NHH. Teaching groups of approximately 20 undergraduate students three times a week in a datalab.

August 2005 – September 2005
Drawing up and running the NHH-stand at “Forskningsdagene 2005″ with another student, cooperating with the Information Department at NHH. Forskningsdagene is a yearly science event arranged by higher education institutions in Bergen to communicate research to the general public and to recruit youngsters to higher education.

June 2005 – August 2005
Counsellor in the project Main activities and responsibilities were student counselling on practical, financial and legal aspects of accommodation aid and tenancy agreements, including also web-page updating and media contact. The project is a cooperation between the student bodies at UiB, HiB, NHH and NITH.


Organisational Experience (selected positions) »

Autumn 2005 – Spring 2006
Student representative in “nasjonalt råd for økonomisk-administrativ utdanning” (NRØA) (=the national council on higher education in business administration). The aim of the council is to coordinate the Norwegian institutions offering this type of education. It consists of one member from each participating member institution, 4 student representatives appointed by the two national student bodies and also a few external members.

Autumn 2005
Leader of “Bachelorfagutvalget” at NHH, i.e. a student body working to look after the interests of the undergraduate students in academic affairs. This is achieved through meetings where the class representatives meet to discuss, through possible actions taken, through representing the students in boards and committees and other means. “Bachelorfagutvalget” is part of the student association, “Norges Handelshøyskoles Studentforening” (NHHS) at NHH. Before the position as leader I served as a class representative and in the semester preceding the one as leader I was second in command.

Spring 2005 – Autumn 2005
Student representative in Programutvalg for Grunnstudier/Bachelorutdanning (PGS/PBU) at NHH. PGS/PBU is the board responsible for all undergraduate-level education at NHH.

Autumn 2004 – Spring 2007
Various positions and meetings in NSU, the national Norwegian student association representing students at university level, as an NHHS delegate.

Spring 2004 – Autumn 2004
Student representative in “Klagenemnda ved NHH” (KVN). KVN is the board in charge of expulsions from NHH and also the appealing body for administrative decisions made by NHH, including awarding the “Siviløkonom” degree to students with a foreign degree.

Spring 2004 – Autumn 2004
Member of the programme committee at the student run conference Global Economic Perspectives, at NHH.

Autumn 2003 – Autumn 2007
Substitute representative in the municipal council in Osterøy Municipality.

Autumn 2003 – Spring 2004
Student representative to the board of the Department of Finance at NHH.

Spring 2003 – Autumn 2006
Journalist and treasurer in the student magazine Atrium at the Faculty of Arts, University of Bergen.


Fields of Interest »

Academic Interests
Topics such as economic geography, offshoring/outsourcing, shared services, applied macroeconomics, applied econometrics and development economics. Have been participating a great deal in student politics.

Other Interests
I try to stay updated in economics, law, technology, politics, and ethics through the media and discussions. I subscribe to several newspapers and magazines in addition to reading online and elsewhere.


Skills »

Strong drive and commitment, outgoing, focused, articulate, resourceful and entrepreneurial.

Language Skills
Norwegian as mother tongue. Proficient in Business English. Independent user in Scandinavian languages. Basic user in German.

Computer Skills
Good general computer skills (software and hardware). Very good command of standard software. Some experience in Visual Basic for Applications and simple html. Have been using the statistical software packages Minitab, SPSS, Excel and Stata at school. . Experience as tutor in the computer science course, MET030, at NHH.


Scholarships and Awards »

Funded stay at NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies for work with my Master’s thesis.

Winner “Nyskapningscupen”, a venture cup arranged by Start NHH for the best entrepreneurial idea at NHH. The idea described a standardised miniature power plant to be used in rivers, currents and other possible small scale power sources, focusing on the commercial opportunities for a low cost alternative.

Awarded two scholarships when going on exchange to the Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad.

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